General partner
Alexey Pleshakov
Alexey is the General Manager of Real Estate Discovery Ventures. Alexey grew up in Moscow where he completed his studies in law, international taxation and real estate investments. Following his education, Alexey began his career practicing as a tax and real estate attorney. Since he also enjoyed going to court, he expanded his practice to include litigation in these areas of the law and over the years has become well known amongst his peers and clients as a top notch negotiator. He has continued to further enrich and develop his expertise in real estate and become a highly regarded analyst with a keen attention to detail by both formally completing courses and also working closely with world renowned institutions like Moscow State Law Academy, Harvard Business School, and Schack Institute of Real Estate at New York University (NYU). With over 11 years of real estate investment experience, a broad portfolio of international transactions, as well as a strong development pipeline, Alexey consistently excels at delivering optimal results.